NSUR: A Token That Protects Buyers From Value Loss
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9 Things you should know about NSUR


NSUR is a wellness-focused network and loyalty rewards platform that has created the world’s first and only deflationary, high-utility digital reward token. NSUR is a high-utility and reward-driven health and wellness-focused platform powered by NSUR Coin. NSUR Coin is a high-utility, digital reward token used to facilitate purchases within the NSUR ecosystem.

NSUR = Network Solution + User Revolution. 

Three things define NSUR: Protection, Real-World Usage, and Community  Rewards.


What is NSUR Coin?

NSUR Coin is a token in the NSUR ecosystem that is used to buy health & wellness goods and services.

NSUR Coin is a high utility token Deflationary token. Learn more about NSUR tokenomics here


NSUR Marketplace

NSUR Marketplace consists of many health & wellness goods and service providers.NSUR has built out an ecosystem of utilities, starting with NSUR’s Merchant Network, a vetted network of trustworthy retailers who accept NSUR Coin in exchange for their health and wellness goods and services.

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Join Our Merchant Network

NSUR has more than 200 thousand users worldwide. You can boost the reach of your business by joining our merchant network. At NSUR, we’re always looking to expand out network. Unlike other networks, we offer three key things,
  1. Easy Integration
  2. Brand Control
  3. Data Sharing

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NSUR Loyalty Reward Program

At NSUR, we understand that our true currency are our users. So we’ve designed out a  platform to reward users for their loyalty. Over 200 thousand+ users have earned more than 1.5 Billion NSUR Coins as rewards. Even the simplest actions — from referring others to the NSUR Community to buying goods and services from our vetted merchant network — will result in you receiving reward tokens.

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Our founders, Mark & Rosemary, had always kept user safety first. They have made sure that with NSUR, we are providingthe  best things safely. NSUR’s Value Protection Program will cover the initial value of your NSUR Coin tokens for two years. If at the end of two years, the value of your protected tokens is less than what you paid for them, you can claim back the loss of value.

Note: Protected NSUR Coin can only be purchased on the website.

Learn more about the value protection program 


NSURx Card – Save upto 80% on your prescription

Prescription savings card from NSURx provides instant prescription discounts on brand name and generic prescription medications at the registered merchants. There are no registration fees or usage restrictions with the card.

If you show your NSURx card to the pharmacist the next time you fill a prescription at your local pharmacy, you could save up to 80% on your prescription costs!

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Wellness and Health initiatives by NSUR

At NSUR, we believe in giving back to the community at ground level. For that, during tough times in March 2022, with high covid cases and scarcity of PCR tests. We offered 6 no-cost PCR tests to all our users. We want to keep supporting the community and will continue to make such efforts in the future.


NSUR  Partnerships

NSUR Inc. recently announced a collaboration with Dollarstore in May 2022. DollarStore, a retail and wholesale industry leader in the United States and worldwide, offers general merchandise through its extensive online network.

Consumers can use the NSUR utility token to purchase Dollarstore products through an online shopping platform. Users should also be excited because product discounts and reward tokens will be a key component of the partnership.

In partnership with Veterans For Healing Global, NSUR Inc launches the Veterans Campaign 2022. The US Veterans can save significant amounts on prescription drugs while donating funds to charity.


Where can I buy the NSUR coin?

As of today, the NSUR token is available on PancakeSwap and BITMART. Now is the time to use cryptocurrency. Buy now and use NSURcoin right away.

During protected token sales, you can also buy protected NSUR Coin on the website.


A wrap of the above article states that NSUR Inc is a crypto e-commerce platform that safeguards NSUR coin token holders from value loss with its specialized value protection program.

The utility token integrates merchants who sell health and wellness goods and services (such as insurance, supplements, prescriptions, telemedicine, and much more) with users who require these items.

We can say that it gives people hope who are looking for satisfactory services in the healthcare industry.



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