Streamlining Healthcare Appointments with the Blockchain

The healthcare industry has gone through chaos over the past couple of decades. Many issues affecting access to care, quality, and cost of care have been signalled by the government, healthcare industry, political leaders, and many others. Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has laid emphasis on these issues. We have seen how hospitals and […]

Emotion AI: A Game Changer In Healthcare

The past couple of years have been truly transformative. Looking ahead, we search for new concepts and key trends in the healthcare sector to anticipate what’s going to come next. Digital health and therapeutics continue to grow in popularity, and this presents opportunities for self-care and self-management for patients. In recent years, AI applications and […]

The Binary Approach Of Telemedicine: Synchronous And Asynchronous

A broad overview of real-time and store-and-forward. Remote care has become a popular approach in the healthcare setting as digital health has advanced, particularly in light of the pandemic’s impact. Telehealth encompasses telemedicine, health education, patient-provider communication, remote monitoring, non-prescription delivery, training, and a wide range of other technologies and services. You may have come […]

Blockchain: A Promising Technology For Shielding Medical Records

Blockchain technology is transforming the world and the medical industry. It is important to understand how data is handled and stored in today’s healthcare facilities. The medical industry has always been known to have some sensitive data that needs to be treated with utmost confidentiality. With current technological resources, patients, caretakers, clinicians, other healthcare professionals […]

Incorporating Blockchains In Clinical Trials And Drug Supply Chain Management.

As a cutting-edge solution for data and software security, blockchain technology is gaining popularity. The applicability of related innovative technologies in the ecosystem has a profound influence on the blockchain’s potential in the healthcare sector. It involves clinical trials, medication tracing, healthcare insurance, and system tracking. The recent collaboration between IBM Canada and Boehringer Ingelheim […]

The New Era of Nuclear Medicine, Molecular Imaging, and Theranostics

Throughout the centuries, humankind has seen countless technological leaps in healthcare. As technology continues transforming MedTech, new drugs and treatments, new devices, hi-tech equipment, and advanced therapeutics support will drive innovation. Healthcare is advancing rapidly as a result of new technologies, and their applications are having far-reaching impacts. Imagine being able to comprehend a medical […]

The Power of Artificial intelligence In Cancer Care

Cancer is a complex and multifaceted disease that is difficult to treat, but artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to detect and treat cancer. AI can be used to analyze large amounts of data to help predict a person’s response to certain medications or treatments. It can also be used to suggest new therapies for […]

Metaverse: New hope for Mental Health Challenges

The Metaverse is currently a trending topic globally. Having an immediate impact on reality, the Metaverse appears to be the ultimate evolution of the internet. It is a state-of-the-art medium that is gaining popularity in the multiverses of the digital world from gaming, fashion clothing brands, social media, finance, and more. The metaverse is an […]

Top 6 Ultra-modern Healthcare Gadgets you should know

Digital advancements have increased awareness in the healthcare industry. The boom in technological innovation has largely driven the growth of the worldwide ultra-modern healthcare gadgets market. Although digitalization is not a new concept, there has been tremendous advancement in healthcare technology over the last few decades. Digital healthcare marketing firms are launching a wide range […]

The Future of Automation in Healthcare

Automation has become potentially the most promising technological element in healthcare in recent decades. Using data analysis and E-health technologies, researchers have made advances in artificial intelligence, therapeutics, and diagnostics. We have already made great progress in developing new drugs, medical devices, diagnostic procedures, clinical assessments, and therapies. Now is the time to modernize healthcare […]