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Things To Know If You Have Been Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a result of the body poorly regulating excess sugar a.k.a glucose, which results in too much sugar in the bloodstream. Eventually, this results in neurological, immune system, and circulatory disorders. 

In Type-2 diabetes there are two inter-related problems at play:

  1. The Pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin
  2. Cells respond poorly to insulin 

According to WebMD, type 2 diabetes is mainly caused due to old-age or childhood obesity. This cannot be cured as such, but it can be controlled and managed. 

WebMD, also states that diabetes is fairly common in the USA affecting 29 Million people, while 84 million suffer from pre-diabetes. 

Here are some things to incorporate to keep your type-2 diabetes in check. 

Get Educated 

Make an appointment with a certified diabetes educator. CDEs help in mapping out a diet chart and explaining to you the ins and outs of diabetes and how to live with it. These professionals also help you structure your lifestyle to meet the needs of proper diabetic care. 

Say No To Sugary Drinks 

Cut back on sweet beverages and drinks, whether it be soda or juice. You can start consuming water, unsweetened tea or lime water instead. If you are finding it difficult to cut back on sugary beverages, it is recommended that you start with a gradual decrease in the amount of sugar in the beverages. 

Cut Down On Carbs 

Carbs usually have glucose, starch and sugar which raises the blood sugar, but cutting off carbs completely isn’t healthy either. There are many carbs that can be consumed by you without causing any fluctuations in your blood sugar, to know more about it you can either connect with your certified diabetes educator or medical professional. 

Adjust Your Meals 

It is recommended by WebMD, to consume small portions of meals instead of large portions. Also, it is very important to not skip any meals, your CDE (Certified diabetes expert) may suggest and plan out a diet chart along with a meal plan for you. 

Don’t Forget The Meds 

Keep your prescription medicines close to you, and set an alarm or reminder for yourself so you don’t skip any medicine dose. Type-2 diabetes can make your blood sugar level drop dangerously low sometimes, so it is better to take all your medications regularly without missing a beat. 

Get Moving 

Exercising or indulging in any physical activity like swimming, running or walking can help get excess glucose out of your body while also managing your weight. Start your own workout regime slowly, and indulge in any kind of physical activity at least 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes. 

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