NSUR: A Token That Protects Buyers From Value Loss
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NSUR Inc. and Veterans For Healing launch Veterans Campaign 2022 to help US Veterans save up to 80% on prescriptions and give back to charity

NSUR Inc. and Veterans For Healing launch Veterans Campaign 2022

Health and Wellness Crypto Platform NSUR Inc. partners with Veterans For Healing Global to launch Veterans Campaign 2022 to provide significant cost savings to US Veterans on prescription drugs and give money to charity.

NSUR Inc., a high-utility and reward-driven health and wellness-focused platform powered by NSUR Coin, announced today the launch of Veterans Campaign 2022, a prescription savings and crypto reward program focused on saving veterans up to 80% on prescriptions while rewarding them in crypto that can be used on NSUR’s shopping platform to buy a wealth of health and wellness products.

Veterans Campaign 2022 is being launched in partnership with Veterans For Healing Global, a company who helps people around the world by creating and providing targeted cannabinoid and psilocybin health solutions, through cutting-edge pharmaceutical R&D, innovative plant-based production and unique development of therapeutic products.

NSUR will be working with Veterans For Healing Global to deliver Veterans Campaign 2022, which will provide US Veterans up to 80% off the cost of their prescriptions by issuing veterans NSURx prescription savings cards. The negotiated rates that NSURx cards will offer veterans will often beat the price of an insurance co-pay. Veterans can use the prescription discount card at more than 35,000 pharmacies across the country. Many major chain drug and grocery pharmacies accept the NSURx prescription savings card including Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Kroger, and Publix.

CEO of NSUR, Mark Peters, says:

“Working with Veterans for Healing Global to deliver Veterans Campaign 2022 has been an incredible experience. Many of our own staff members are veterans and have spoken at length about the support they are missing upon return to civilian life, and Veterans Campaign 2022 is just one way that NSUR and Veterans for Healing Global are working together to show our veterans that we care about them and their needs, and that we are grateful for the sacrifices they make for our country.”

Co-CEO of Veterans For Healing Global, Fabian Henry, says:

“NSUR has done a great thing by offering this coin to the Veteran community. Providing a discount to those who have given of their lives to serve their country is honorable. We at VFHG applaud the NSUR team for this.”

Moreover, every time a veteran uses their NSURx card to purchase prescriptions, they will also be giving back to a veterans focused charity. For every prescription that is filled using NSURx as part of Veterans Campaign 2022, $0.25 will be donated to a veterans focused charity. This means that veterans will be helping other veterans every time they use their NSURx card to fill a prescription.

Peters says: “Charitable giving has always been part of both NSUR’s and Veterans for Healing Global’s DNA. We are excited to be able to include a charitable donations as part of our Veterans Campaign 2022 launch.”

NSUR will also give veterans bonus NSUR Coin crypto rewards when they sign up for an account on NSUR’s website using the referral code: “VetCampaign”.

Veterans can easily download their card here: CLICK HERE. The NSURx prescription savings card is available at no cost and can be used directly from a smart phone. Card holders can keep a screenshot in their mobile gallery for easy access. To get the discounts on prescriptions, users simply show their NSURx card to the pharmacist.


NSUR, Inc. is a rewarding, crypto marketplace that protects NSUR Coin token holders from loss of value via its proprietary Value Protection Program. NSUR Coin was deployed on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain and is available on PancakeSwap and Bitmart. The utility token acts as a bridge between merchants who provide health and wellness goods and services (telemedicine, insurance, supplements, prescriptions, etc.) and users who require these items. It is the first token that is protected as part of NSUR’s Proprietary Protected LaunchPad.

For more information:

Website: www.nsurcoin.com

Blog: https://blog.nsurcoin.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nsurcoin</spanstyle=”color: blue;”>

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NSURcoin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nsurcoin/</spanstyle=”color: blue;”>

Telegram: https://t.me/NSURco


Veterans For Healing Global (VFHG) is a Canadian company committed to helping veterans and their families heal through trauma and rehabilitation by providing premium medical cannabis, medical psilocybin, and personal support.

For more information:


Rosemary Peters

Rosemary Peters

Rosemary specializes in strategy and project management. She has an BSc in Engineering and an MBA from London Business School. She has spent her career working leading and operationalizing strategy projects for technology and consumer companies, including Samsung. She is overseeing and operationalizing activities related to launching NSUR. Rosemary enjoys playing with her dogs, spending time outdoors and listening to mystery podcasts.
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