NSUR: A Token That Protects Buyers From Value Loss
NSUR's News Corner
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NSUR's News Corner

From new product launches to new exchange listings to token giveaways, bookmark this page to stay updated on all of NSUR’s newsworthy activities

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NSUR Inc. announced the official launch of NSUR Coin, the first and only deflationary, high-utility crypto token backed by a purchase price protection program. NSUR Coin allows users to buy real-world products with true value while NSUR’s Value Protection Program provides volatility protection.

Announcing NSUR, a high-utility, rewarding health and wellness platform powered by NSUR Coin

NSUR is a high-utility and rewarding platform that protects NSUR Coin token holders from loss of value.

NSUR is the world’s first protected token. Thanks to NSUR’s Value Protection Program, purchasers can have peace of mind because the value of “protected NSUR Coin” tokens are covered for 2 years. 

NSUR is a high-utility token. It is accepted by a vetted network of merchants for hundreds of health and wellness goods and services.

NSUR Coin is a reward token. Just about every action results in rewards for NSUR Coin token holders.