NSUR: A Token That Protects Buyers From Value Loss
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NSUR wants to protect and reward you

NSUR Wants To Protect You And Reward You

NSUR wants to help you by protecting your crypto – and we want to reward you in the process! Read on to discover how NSUR aims to help protect you and reward you at the same time

We want to protect the value of your crypto against loss of value

To help you become an early adopter of the world’s first purchase-price protected token, we have extended our protected NSUR Coin sales event until December 15th at midnight PST.

When you buy Protected NSUR Coin during our sales event, you will not only become a holder of the world’s only crypto whose purchase value is protected against loss, but you will also earn additional tokens for completing your purchase!

We want to help you transfer your NSUR Coin to a safe wallet

Once our launch event is over on December 15th, we want to make sure you are storing your crypto in a safe place. As such, we recommend that you download Trust Wallet before the launch event is over, and play around with the wallet if you have never had a wallet before.

To help you create a wallet, we have developed a help guide on how to download Trust Wallet onto your iOS or Android device. Please look at these guides and make sure to add NSUR Coin to Trust Wallet after you finish downloading and setting up the app.

We want to help you earn free crypto in the form of free NSUR Coin

There are many ways that you can earn free NSUR Coin beyond the rewards you receive for purchasing Protected NSUR. We invite you to join in any and all of the following:

Follow us on social media

We have launched a short survey in your back office that will help you earn up to 300 NSUR for liking, following and subscribing to our social media accounts and channels. Log into your account and then check out the brief survey by visiting nsurcoin.com/surveys.

Join our $10,000 giveaway

Participate in our $10,000 Giveaway and be one of our five lucky community members who will earn $2,000 worth of NSUR Coin.

All you need to do is:

Winners will be announced at the end of the Protected NSUR sales event on December 16th.

Level up by becoming an NSUR Social Champion

We feel so blessed to have you as part of our NSUR Community. As a thank you, we’re launching a NSUR Social Champion program, where you get a chance to win $100 worth of NSUR every week!

All you must do to be eligible for the Social Champion Reward is engage with NSUR socials on Twitter, Telegram, YouTube and Vimeo during the week.

Max out by referring your friends & family to join NSUR

Earn 500 NSUR for every person you refer who completes their account. Unlike other stingy crypto reward programs, there is no upper limit on the number of people you can refer. The sky is the limit!

You can find your referral link in the Marketing Center – which if you haven’t seen recently, now has some fun, new content for you to share.

Rosemary Peters

Rosemary Peters

Rosemary specializes in strategy and project management. She has an BSc in Engineering and an MBA from London Business School. She has spent her career working leading and operationalizing strategy projects for technology and consumer companies, including Samsung. She is overseeing and operationalizing activities related to launching NSUR. Rosemary enjoys playing with her dogs, spending time outdoors and listening to mystery podcasts.
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