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Emicizumab: Uses, side-effects

What is Emicizumab?

Emicizumab is used by people who suffer from hemophilia, a condition in which the natural blood-clotting system is missing. It is used by children and adults who suffer from hemophilia A, to reduce the bleeding episodes or to prevent them altogether. 


Use of Emicizumab with other bypassing agents such as FEIBA can cause unwanted blood clots, which can lead to damage to legs, arms, kidneys, brain and/ or other organs. 

You need to inform your medical professional if you’re using any bypass agent or factor VIII, as it might cause complications. If you’re using a bypass agent or factor VIII, and experience the following experience then contact your doctor immediately:

  • Weakness 
  • Confusion 
  • Stomach or back pain 
  • Vomiting
  • Decreased Urination
  • Chest pain
  • Suffocation 
  • Coughing Blood
  • Swelling or redness on legs and arms
  • Eye pain or vision problems 

How is Emicizumab consumed?

Follow all the instructions provided by your pharmacist and on the medicine label. Also, consult your medical professional before starting this prescribed medication. Your doctor may often change your doses based on outcomes and reactions. Follow the instructions given by your doctor thoroughly throughout the medicinal course. 

Emicizumab is injected through the skin every 1 to 4 weeks, based on your diagnosis. A medical professional might train you on how to inject this medication by yourself. Before you start using this medicine, please carefully read all the ingredients, warnings and uses. If you don’t understand any instructions please ask your doctor or local pharmacist to clarify them for you. 

A needle and syringe are needed to draw out the emicizumab from the vial bottle, and a separate needle is needed to inject it into the skin. The pharmacist might provide you with all the instructions on the uses and recommendations for syringes and needles. 

Do not shake the emicizumab bottle and prepare the dose only when taking the injection, do not prepare the dose in advance. If your medication dose has color or different and unusual types of particles in it then do not use it and contact your pharmacist immediately. 

When using emicizumab keep your medical practitioner informed as it might interfere with certain medications and blood-related tests. 

Read the storing instructions carefully and do not keep in direct sunlight or in the freezer. In case you have an unopened vial, you can store it in a cool and dry place, but if not used within a week’s time return it to the refrigerator. If you have opened a vial use it immediately and don’t save it for later even if it has some medicine left inside of it. 

How can I save money on Emicizumab Medication?

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