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How to Apply on NSUR to Become a Merchant

How to Register as a Merchant on NSUR

Businesses who are interested in selling their products on NSUR can apply to market their products on our new and growing platform via our Merchant Network.

The first step is to complete the Merchant Survey form. This will provide us with the necessary information about your business and products for us to do our due diligence. Once we have reviewed the information, you will be contacted if we require any further documentation or if there are any issues preventing us from accepting your application.


Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Visit NSUR’s website and click on “Become a Merchant”

By tapping the Shop Section on the website’s header, Scroll down past the list of shops to the “Become a Merchant” button. 

Another option is to go to the website’s footer and scroll down. Tap “Become a Merchant” under Merchant.

How to Apply on NSUR to Become a Merchant Guide

Step 2: Review the Become a Merchant landing page and click “Start Survey” to begin the application

Once you’ve read through the “Become a Merchant” page, click “Start Survey” to get started with your application. To complete the application, you’ll need to provide information about your company, as well as provide answers to questions about your business.

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Step 3: Fill in basic details about the business 

This includes: (* Required)

  • First Name *
  • Last Name *
  • Business Legal Name *
  • A copy of your Business Formation Document *
  • Tax ID Number *
  • A copy of your Tax ID document *
  • A brief description of your business *
  • When was the company founded? *
  • Industry of Focus *
How to Apply on NSUR as a Merchant
How to Apply on NSUR to Become a Merchant Guide

Step 4: Share the business’ contact information and address

This includes: (* Required)

  • Business Email *
  • Business Phone Number *
  • Business Website *
  • Business Address *
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Step 5: Complete the advanced business details section

This includes: (* Required)

  • Number of Employees *
  • Does your business ship internationally? *
  • Is it privately-owned or publicly-owned? *
  • Estimated annual revenue (USD)
  • Are you selling physical goods or services? *
  • What are your key sales channels? *
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Step 6: Press submit to complete the application

Once you’ve completed the survey, click Submit. As soon as we receive your application and it’s been reviewed and approved by our team, we’ll get in touch with you to work out the details on how we will begin working together.

Merchants, You Need To Apply To NSUR To Become A Merchant

FAQ Section

Why Join NSUR’s Platform?

  • Utility-first focus. Growing utility is NSUR’s key mission; as such, NSUR makes it easy for merchants to contribute to this goal.
  • Large and growing community. NSUR anticipates 10+ people to register during launch event, and for the community to grow quickly.
  • Lower affiliate fees. NSUR keeps affiliate fees as low as possible so more money ends up in merchants’ wallets.

What happens after I get approved?

NSUR will walk you through the whole onboarding process. We have documented every step you will need to follow to integrate NSUR into the checkout process on your website or key shopping platforms, and our customer service and development team will work with you to find solutions for your platform.

What rewards can I get?

Our partners are the heart & soul of NSUR. Without the products and services you have to offer, there would be no NSUR platform. As such, we aim to reward you for being an NSUR merchant with: 

  • A merchant-only sign up bonus
  • Automatic entrance into a merchant-only NSUR rewards sweepstakes. For every $500 USD equivalent of goods and services you sell using NSUR as the means of transaction, you will be entered into this sweepstakes to win a $1,000 USD equivalent prize.
  • Ability to host community surveys on our survey page.

How much control do I have over my brand?

  • Easy Integration. Most merchants will be able to accept NSUR coin as a form of payment within 1 hour of registration.
  • Brand control. Merchants will have ultimate control over their brand while accepting NSUR.

Data sharing. Unlike other channels, NSUR will openly share all data with merchants it is legally allowed to.

Rheanne Blest Razo

Rheanne Blest Razo

Rheanne Blest is an experienced content writer, virtual assistant and a fellow crypto enthusiast. In the past, she has managed relationships with enterprise clients like BMW, digital projects for start-up companies like NSUR Coin, and the day-to-day operations of an automotive custom house and lighting company.
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