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Exploring Lac-Hydrin Cream: Benefits and Uses

This drug is used to treat dry, scaly skin diseases (such as xerosis and ichthyosis vulgaris) and can also assist alleviate itching caused by these illnesses. This drug works by increasing the moisture in the skin.

How to use Lac-Hydrin Lotion?

Shake the container thoroughly before using the lotion.

Apply a thin coating of this medicine to the afflicted skin regions twice a day, or as advised by your doctor. Rub the medicine onto your skin thoroughly.

Avoid touching your eyes, lips, inside your mouth/nose, the vaginal region, and any damaged skin. When this drug is given to the face, chapped skin, or a newly shaven patch of skin, stinging or burning may occur. For further information, speak with your doctor or chemist.


Follow all of the instructions on your medication’s label and container. Inform all of your healthcare professionals about all of your medical problems, allergies, and medications.

Before Taking This Medication 

If you are allergic to ammonium lactate, glycerin, mineral oil, propylene glycol, or parabens, do not take this medicine.

People with fair or delicate skin may be more prone to skin irritation from ammonium lactate.

Pregnancy category C according to the FDA. Lac-Hydrin is not known if it may damage an unborn baby. If you are pregnant or intend to get pregnant while taking this medicine, inform your doctor.

It is unknown whether ammonium lactate topical enters breast milk or whether it can affect a breastfeeding infant. If you are breast-feeding your child, inform your doctor.

Do not administer Lac-Hydrin to a youngster unless advised by a doctor.


Stinging, stinging, and redness are possible side effects. Inform your doctor or chemist right once if any of these symptoms persist or worsen.

If your doctor has prescribed this medicine, remember that your doctor has determined that the benefit to you outweighs the risk of adverse effects. Many persons who use this drug have no major adverse effects.

Notify your doctor immediately away if you have any major side effects, such as skin darkening/lightening or little red spots on your skin.

It is uncommon for this medicine to cause a severe allergic response. However, get medical attention immediately if you detect any of the following signs of a severe allergic reaction: rash, itching/swelling (particularly of the face/tongue/throat), extreme dizziness, or difficulty breathing.

What happens if I miss a dose?

As soon as you recall, take the missing dosage. If your next dosage is approaching, wait until then to use the medication and omit the missing dose. Do not take additional medication to make up for a missing dosage.

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