What is Leukemia?

Cancer of the body’s blood-forming tissues, such as the lymphatic system and bone marrow, is known as leukemia. The bone marrow, where the majority of the body’s blood is produced, is where this excessive growth occurs.  There are several forms of leukemia. Some leukemia types are more prevalent in young people while most cases of […]

How COVID19 Can Compromise Your Heart Health

According to Penn Medicines, the first thing that is often checked first when you get hospitalized for COVID-19 is your cardiac enzymes. These tests include measuring proteins that are increased during any heart complications or damage.  Troponin and Certain Kinases, cardiac enzymes,  get leaked into the blood from the heart during any damage. Therefore, any […]

Health Supply Chain Management With Blockchain: Challenges and Opportunities

People think that blockchain is only associated with cryptocurrencies. Besides financial applications, blockchain technology has potential implementations in almost every industry, including education, food, travel, healthcare, and many more. To establish a reliable supply chain, healthcare organizations face many challenges because of the large number of intermediaries involved in processes. Thus there is a difficulty […]