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What is Leukemia?

Cancer of the body’s blood-forming tissues, such as the lymphatic system and bone marrow, is known as leukemia. The bone marrow, where the majority of the body’s blood is produced, is where this excessive growth occurs. 

There are several forms of leukemia. Some leukemia types are more prevalent in young people while most cases of other types of leukemia are in adults.

Usually, leukemia affects white blood cells. Your white blood cells are effective infection-fighting agents; they typically develop and divide in an organized manner in the body. But in leukemia patients, the bone marrow makes an overwhelming number of aberrant, dysfunctional white blood cells.

Leukemia typically doesn’t create a mass (tumor) that may be seen on imaging tests like X-rays or CT scans, unlike other cancers. 

Symptoms Of Leukemia 

Leukemia symptoms might differ from person to person. Some common symptoms are as mentioned below:

  • Fevers or chills
  • Persistent fatigue, weakness
  • Frequent or severe infections
  • Losing constant weight 
  • Bruising or bleeding easily 
  • Swollen lymph nodes, enlarged liver or spleen 
  • Recurrent nose bleeds
  • Pain in bones or joints
  • Tiny red spots on the skin 
  • Headaches 
  • Vomiting 
  • Excessive sweating, especially at night
  • Seizures 

Leukemia Causes & Risk Factors  

Nobody is certain of the precise cause of leukemia. There are some indications, like people who have leukemia have certain unusual chromosomes, but they are not the cause of leukemia. Here is a list of factors that can increase the chances of leukemia being triggered in the body:

  • Smoke
  • Exposure to radiation or certain chemicals 
  • Radiation therapy or chemotherapy, done to treat cancer
  • Family history of leukemia 
  • Genetic disorders like down syndrome 

When To See A doctor?

If you are concerned about any persistent signs or symptoms, schedule a visit with your doctor.

The signs and symptoms of leukemia are frequently ambiguous. Early leukemia symptoms can resemble those of the flu and other common illnesses, which might make you ignore them.

Occasionally, leukemia is found during blood tests for another illness.

How Does Leukemia Form?

Leukemia is often assumed to develop when certain blood cells have alterations (mutations) in their DNA or genetic makeup. The instructions that inform the cells what to do are contained in its DNA. The DNA often instructs the cell to develop at a specific rate and to die at a specific time. The blood cells in leukemia are instructed by the mutations to keep growing and dividing by the mutations.

The development of blood cells then spirals out of control. Leukemia signs and symptoms are caused by the crowding of abnormal cells, which causes fewer healthy white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. 

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