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Top 7 Apps for Managing Diabetes

In today’s world, technological advancements are helping to drive the healthcare industry. When it comes to examining, diagnosing, treating, and managing chronic illness, advanced technology has been beneficial and convenient. The use of technology can also ease the management of specific health conditions, such as diabetes. Keeping track of exercise with fitness trackers, monitoring diet with calorie counters, and even managing mental health with apps have become a part of our daily lives.
Diabetes is a long-term disease that necessitates long-term treatment and care. The inability to adhere to a certain lifestyle, such as eating healthy, exercising regularly, and taking medication on time, makes it challenging to control blood sugar. It is common for diabetes patients to make mistakes, such as eating too many carbs, not exercising enough, or forgetting to take their medications. In today’s world, patients can now manage their diabetes and monitor their blood sugar levels using mobile apps.
So, let us look at the best apps for diabetes management that will make patients’ lives easier.
Diabetes M
Diabetes M assists you in managing and controlling your diabetes. This is the record book app for you if you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, have Progressive Diabetes, or want to help and supervise a family member. The app monitors almost every part of diabetes treatment and provides detailed reports, charts, and statistics. Before/after meal charts, range, and variability across each hour of the day, carbohydrate and insulin intake over a 7, 14, 30, 60, or 90-day period. It provides a variety of statistics and charts to help users understand their glucose levels. For proper treatment, users can share and email their reports to their consulting physicians.
Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker
Glucose Buddy is a comprehensive diabetes-tracking app that allows you to keep tabs on your blood sugar levels, dietary patterns, insulin, and more. The app provides users data on hourly carbohydrate intake and trends in their blood sugar. The database is converted into chart form so that users can understand and then manage their disease. Users can also save and use the notes or data for later. The program also offers a supportive community and ongoing education to help you better understand diabetes.
This app is a great platform to be on if you have Type 2 Diabetes. It has a lot of support and information to help you manage and control your diabetes. As humans, we respond better when we belong to a community, we feel safe, prosper, and feel connected, even if we are diabetic. The vision of this app is to bring T2D patients together so that they can communicate with all other T2D patients through chatting. A highly secure site, Bezzy T2D promotes interpersonal and features current articles and stories about personal experiences.
mySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log
mySugr is quick, easy, and one of the best apps to manage your diabetes. The app is ideal for people suffering from any type of diabetes. The app features personalized dashboards for users to track their medications, sugar levels, diet, and other factors. The app allows users to share daily, weekly, and monthly reports, providing their doctors with health related and informative data. The app’s PRO version features a bolus calculator for calculating users’ insulin and meal doses and a blood glucose reminder.
BlueStar Diabetes
BlueStar Diabetes is a real-time, award-winning digital assistant that provides personalized advice in real-time. Users can accomplish their diabetes goals through BlueStar’s guidance, education, motivation, and transparency. The device can be used to track medications, insulin, meals, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and more. In addition to being a fantastic tool for working with your doctor, it has several simple and highly customizable features.
Health2Sync is one of the best diabetes apps for monitoring blood sugar levels. It has been named one of the “Best Diabetes Apps of 2019” by Healthline. A number of health metrics can be tracked with ease with the app, including blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, medication, diet, exercise, and mood. By monitoring users’ blood sugar, Health2Sync provides them with valuable feedback.
Health2Sync is simple to use and has an easy-to-understand interface. It also syncs with Google Health, Fitbit, and a few other tools to automatically import your data.
Diabetes Connect
Diabetes Connect is a great piece of software application. It is a highly functional app that assists users to monitor their blood sugar levels and allows them to keep their diabetes under control anywhere and at any time. Very easy to use and instantly syncs between multiple devices such as mobile, tablet, and PC. Recording and tracking diabetes-related data is more convenient with the app. It is suitable for both patients with Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.
Take Away
Wrapping it all up, it is clear that apps can make health management easier and more effective. They can track progress even if you can’t always keep a log yourself. Plus, many of these apps are free to use—you don’t have to worry about the expense.If you do need to upgrade to a pro version, many can be affordable. Diabetes isn’t the only chronic disease; it is a serious medical condition that affects a wide range of individuals.
In the end, the key is finding an app that you trust, that provides the features you need to manage your diabetes effectively, and that fits into your daily routine or lifestyle as well. As such, apps designed for people living with diabetes could see meaningful growth in the next decade.



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