NSUR: A Token That Protects Buyers From Value Loss
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Why You Should Join NSUR’s Merchant Network

5 Reasons Why You Should Join NSUR's Merchant Network

Some of the biggest companies in the US are building their entire operations on our platform.

At NSUR, we have developed a network of e-commerce merchants and their affiliates. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get merchants or affiliates elsewhere though — it just means that our members will always have access to a ready-made connection list that you would normally need to develop yourself. 

Here at NSUR we’re passionate about creating entrepreneurs and businessmen, who can take something from an idea to reality with ease.

Why should you join the NSUR’s merchant network?

Our main mission is to increase merchant utility. We help merchants increase that value. We have a large and growing community of affiliates. We already have many merchants who have to register during our launch event, and we hope it continues to grow quickly. We want to help businesses get the most out of online affiliate marketing, so we keep fees as low as possible.

What kind of support would you expect from us?

We’ll walk you through the onboarding process so that you can integrate NSUR into the checkout process on your website or key shopping platforms. Our customer service and development team will work with you to find solutions for your platform.

  • We’ll be there for you.
  • We’ll be transparent and honest about our process.
  • We’ll be open minded about your feedback and ideas.
  • We’ll listen to your concerns with an open mind and respond to your needs.
  • We’ll keep you involved in the process every step of the way.
  • We’ll strive to work with you, not against you.

We understand that our partners are the lifeblood of our business. That’s why we believe in providing quality customer service to each and every one of you.

What do you get when you join the merchant network?

As our partners, you are the heart and soul of NSUR. Because you have so much to offer, we want to show our appreciation by: Giving you a merchant-only sign-up bonus. Showing your appreciation with a merchant-only rewards sweepstakes. For every $500 USD equivalent of goods and services you sell using NSUR as the means of transaction, you will be entered into this sweepstakes to win a $1,000 USD-equivalent prize. Letting you host community surveys on our survey page.

What will joining the merchant network do for your business?

Merchants will be able to integrate NSUR into their e-commerce websites to start accepting crypto payments within an hour of registration. Merchants have ultimate control over their brand while accepting NSUR. Unlike other payment channels, NSUR shares all its data with merchants that it is legally allowed to, and openly shares all data for merchants’ use. NSUR will also reward merchants with crypto coin rewards and health loyalty programs.

It’s in your best interest to apply for an NSUR merchant account.

It opens up new markets for you to sell your goods and services. You don’t have to worry about a changing marketplace due to the changes in economies, addressable market, etc. It ensures that you have an outlet for your goods and services. The NSUR is a well-established company that knows how to get the job done and provide excellence in service. If a customer is looking for something, we make it easier for them to find you if you are a member of our merchant network. It increases your sales. You will be able to expand your business with us by creating new opportunities for yourself with our marketing team and gaining access to our customers through our search engine rankings and other marketing channels.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong with your account, whether it is through fraud or otherwise, you have someone to call to help you solve the problem. Every member of the NSUR enjoys a high level of customer service that is not found anywhere else. We believe in maintaining personal relationships with our customers so we can best serve them and help them succeed!

How do I join NSUR’s Merchant Platform?

To sell products on NSUR, interested businesses can apply to market their products on our new and growing platform via our Merchant Network.

Here is our Merchant Survey form. Please complete it and send it to us for your application to be considered. We will review the information and get back to you if we need more information or if any of your products are ineligible for the program.

Rosemary Peters

Rosemary Peters

Rosemary specializes in strategy and project management. She has an BSc in Engineering and an MBA from London Business School. She has spent her career working leading and operationalizing strategy projects for technology and consumer companies, including Samsung. She is overseeing and operationalizing activities related to launching NSUR. Rosemary enjoys playing with her dogs, spending time outdoors and listening to mystery podcasts.
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