How to integrate CoinPayments to your website

5 Reasons You Should Use NSURx (Or Not)

Adding an API key to your store is a crucial step in connecting it with the CoinPayments payment system. Here’s what you need to do to link your website with CoinPayments. Jump to Sections: Section 1: Shopify Section 2: WooCommerce Do this first: Log into your CoinPayments account. Once you are logged in, locate your […]

Our Response To CertiK’s Audit and Our Move Forward

Response To CertiK's Audit & Our Move Forward

In 2021, NSUR Coin’s security contract was audited by CertiK. With CertiK recently publishing the addendum to our audit, we have decided to share our thoughts about the final outcome of CertiK’s audit to maintain complete transparency with our community. We are happy that the CertiK team has taken the time to join forces with […]

Why you should buy NSUR Coin

Why You Should Buy NSUR Coin Now

These days everyone is making a cryptocurrency, it seems. It feels like there’s a new coin coming out everyday. Read on to find out why NSUR Coin is different from the rest and is one you should support World of cryptos. World of confusion. World of endless options.  If you’re just getting into the altcoin […]

NSUR Inc. Launches NSUR Coin, The First and Only Deflationary, High-Utility Crypto Token Backed by a Purchase Price Protection Program

NSUR, Inc. Launches NSUR Coin - The First and Only Deflationary, Utility

Protected NSUR Coin Now Available for Purchase  NSUR Inc., a health and wellness focused network and loyalty rewarding platform, announced the official launch of NSUR Coin, the first and only deflationary, high-utility crypto token backed by a purchase price protection program.   NSUR Coin allows users to buy real-world products with true value while the NSUR’s […]

How to Buy Protected NSUR Coin With a Credit or Debit Card via

Want to buy Protected NSUR Coin using crypto, but don’t already have some? NSUR is here to help! Want to become a holder of the world’s first protect crypto, but struggling to complete the purchase with cryptocurrency because you don’t have any in your wallet?  NSUR has created this guide, complete with help videos, to […]

How to Update Your Referral Sponsor on NSUR

How To Update Your Referral Sponsor on NSUR (A First Timer's Experience)

Did someone refer you to NSUR, but you forgot to use their referral link? Worry not, you can still give that person credit If someone referred you to NSUR and you want to make sure that they receive their 500 NSUR Coin reward tokens for inviting you to join our community but you forgot to […]

5 Tips for Helping You Pass KYC on ShuftiPro

5 Tips For Successful KYC on ShuftiPro

Are you struggling to complete KYC with ShuftiPro? Read on to find out how you can overcome the challenges you may be facing? For any purchase greater than $3,000 and all transactions made with your bank information, a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) check performed by ShuftiPro will automatically start once you click “Proceed With Purchase” on NSUR’s […]

NSUR Coin Supply and Tokenomics

COO of NSUR, Rosemary Peters, provides a brief overview of NSUR Coin and its tokenomics Overview  NSUR Coin NSUR is a crypto-powered health and wellness platform which provides exclusive discounts to community members. The token facilitating purchases on this platform is NSUR Coin. When it comes to NSUR Coin, its code and its tokenomics, there are a few […]