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Heparin for Your Blood Clot

Are you afraid of blood clots developing in your blood arteries? Heparin might be the solution.

What is Heparin and what does it do?

Heparin or Pentosan Polysulfate is an anticoagulant. It is used to reduce blood clotting and to prevent dangerous clots from developing in blood arteries. This medication is sometimes referred to as a blood thinner, despite the fact that it does not really thin the blood. Heparin will not remove existing blood clots, but it may prevent them from growing larger and creating more serious issues.

Heparin is used to prevent or treat blood vessel, heart, and lung diseases. It is also used to keep blood clots from forming during open-heart surgery, bypass surgery, renal dialysis, and blood transfusions. It is used in low dosages to prevent blood clot development in certain patients, particularly those who must have certain types of surgery or who must be in bed for an extended period of time. Heparin may also be used to diagnose and treat Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation, a dangerous blood disorder.

What dosages of Heparin are available?

Heparin is available in the following dosages: 

Heparin Lock Solution

  • 1 unit/mL
  • 2 units/mL
  • 10 units/mL
  • 100 units/mL

Injectable Solution

  • 1,000 units/mL
  • 2,500 units/mL
  • 5,000 units/mL
  • 10,000 units/mL
  • 20,000 units/mL

Premixed IV Solution

  • 12,500 units/250 mL
  • 20,000 units/500 mL
  • 25,000 units/250 mL
  • 25,000 units/500mL

It is best to talk with your doctor first before taking the drug.

What side effects are common with taking Heparin?

The most common side effects of Heparin are:

  • Bruises and bleeding
  • Pain, redness, warmth, irritation, or changes in the skin where the drug was injected
  • Itchy sensation in your feet
  • Skin that is bluish-colored

There are more possible side effects of Heparin. If you experience these or other symptoms, talk to your doctor immediately.

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Does Heparin interact with other medications?

Heparin injectable solution may interact with other drugs, vitamins, or herbs that you are taking. When a chemical alters the way a drug functions, this is referred to as an interaction. This can be dangerous or prevent the medicine from working properly.

Some medications when used with Heparin can increase your risk of side effects or makes Heparin less effective. Examples of these are:

Who should NOT take Heparin?

Heparin might not be suitable for everyone to take.

If you are allergic to Heparin or pig products, you should not use this medication.

If you have a history of low platelets in your blood, or if you are taking Heparin or Pentosan Polysulfate, or have been given anticoagulant therapy, contact your doctor for advice on how best to manage the condition.

If you are unable to undergo routine blood-clotting tests at the appropriate intervals during treatment, you may be unable to administer Heparin.

If you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, inform your doctor. You may need to use Heparin without a preservative.

What drugs are similar to Heparin?

Some drugs that are similar to Heparin are:

Does Heparin have a generic form?

Heparin is a generic drug used to prevent blood clots from developing in blood arteries.

What is the price of Heparin without insurance?

Heparin costs roughly $295.87 without insurance.

Look up Heparin on NSUR’s NSURx price look-up tool to find the pharmacy nearest to you with the lowest price.

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How can I save money on Heparin?

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