Trust Wallet Guide: Create Wallet, Add NSUR and Claim Tokens

Need a wallet to collect your NSUR Coin, but not sure where to begin? Follow this guide to help you through the process on Trust Wallet Want to move your NSUR Coin into a Trust Wallet so you can use them to buy through merchants or to swap on exchanges? NSUR has created this guide […]

How to Buy Protected NSUR Coin Using ACH

ACH payment instructions

Did you know that NSUR is now accepting ACH payments for Protected NSUR Coin purchases? An Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payment is a type of electronic bank-to-bank payment that exists in the United States. Payments completed using ACH are routed through clearing houses between the sender and receiver banks. NSUR is now able to accept […]

NSUR has been featured in 350 news articles and counting

NSUR is appearing on the news

Since NSUR’s launch on November 1st, the platform has been featured in over 350 news articles across the world NSUR officially launched sales of NSUR Coin protected by its proprietary NSUR Value Protection Program on November 1st. Within the first week of launch, NSUR has since been featured in 350+ news articles from media outlets […]

Join NSUR’s Live Virtual Event at 5:00 pm PST on November 7th

NSUR is having a live stream

NSUR is having a live virtual event today, and we invite you to join us  CEO of NSUR, Mark Peters, and his team want to answer your NSUR-related questions on our live virtual event TODAY!  The event starts at 5:00 pm PST and will be streamed live on Vimeo. You can access the live stream […]

NSUR Inc. Launches NSUR Coin, The First and Only Deflationary, High-Utility Crypto Token Backed by a Purchase Price Protection Program

NSUR, Inc. Launches NSUR Coin - The First and Only Deflationary, Utility

Protected NSUR Coin Now Available for Purchase  NSUR Inc., a health and wellness focused network and loyalty rewarding platform, announced the official launch of NSUR Coin, the first and only deflationary, high-utility crypto token backed by a purchase price protection program.   NSUR Coin allows users to buy real-world products with true value while the NSUR’s […]

How to Buy Protected NSUR Coin With a Credit or Debit Card via

Want to buy Protected NSUR Coin using crypto, but don’t already have some? NSUR is here to help! Want to become a holder of the world’s first protect crypto, but struggling to complete the purchase with cryptocurrency because you don’t have any in your wallet?  NSUR has created this guide, complete with help videos, to […]

NSUR’s Loyalty Reward Program

Loyalty Rewards: Why We Do It & How You Can Too

COO of NSUR, Rosemary Peters, explains how you can earn NSUR Coin as digital reward tokens as part of NSUR’s Loyalty Reward Program Coded into NSUR’s DNA is a desire to reward you for being part of our community. As such, we built NSUR to be a rewarding platform through our NSUR Loyalty Reward Program. […]

How to Update Your Referral Sponsor on NSUR

How To Update Your Referral Sponsor on NSUR (A First Timer's Experience)

Did someone refer you to NSUR, but you forgot to use their referral link? Worry not, you can still give that person credit If someone referred you to NSUR and you want to make sure that they receive their 500 NSUR Coin reward tokens for inviting you to join our community but you forgot to […]

How to Change Your Password on NSUR

How to change your password

Need to change your password on NSUR, but not sure how? NSUR is here to help! Forgot your password or just want to change it to a more secure one? Watch the help video below to find out how to change your password on NSUR. Complete KYC & Buy Protected NSUR Coin Now! Common […]