Blockchain: Effective And Secure Way For Healthcare Data Exchange

The way we approach healthcare could be completely changed by blockchain technology. Blockchain in healthcare holds great promise for improving the security, effectiveness, accessibility, and dependability of health information systems. By utilizing this technology, we can integrate scattered systems to gain a more detailed understanding and more effectively determine the importance of care. As a […]

Incorporating Blockchains In Clinical Trials And Drug Supply Chain Management.

As a cutting-edge solution for data and software security, blockchain technology is gaining popularity. The applicability of related innovative technologies in the ecosystem has a profound influence on the blockchain’s potential in the healthcare sector. It involves clinical trials, medication tracing, healthcare insurance, and system tracking. The recent collaboration between IBM Canada and Boehringer Ingelheim […]

Diabetes Management: How Technology Can Make A Difference?

Diabetes is one of the major public health concerns globally, which is affecting human life and increasing healthcare costs. Sedentary lifestyles that are influenced more by socioeconomic development and urbanization are contributing to the increase in diabetes in many regions around the world. In addition to causing serious health problems and early death, diabetes affects […]

The Future of Robotic Surgery Looks Bright: Part Two

Medical robotics are bringing greater accuracy to surgical procedures and efficiencies to hospitals and clinics. Medical technology is rapidly expanding, and the surgical robotics field is also thriving. While Intuitive Surgical dominated the field when it hit the market, other major players, such as Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, Hansen, Brainlab, Microbot Medical, and Medtronic are […]

The Future of Robotic Surgery Looks Bright: Part One

The future of robotic surgery looks bright, with a limitless ability to promote surgical techniques and patient experience. With robotic-assisted surgery, a growing number of diseases and conditions can be identified, improvised, and addressed. This can reduce infection risks and provide enhanced precision, accuracy, and flexibility to surgeons. It takes a high level of concentration […]

Top 6 Ultra-modern Healthcare Gadgets you should know

Digital advancements have increased awareness in the healthcare industry. The boom in technological innovation has largely driven the growth of the worldwide ultra-modern healthcare gadgets market. Although digitalization is not a new concept, there has been tremendous advancement in healthcare technology over the last few decades. Digital healthcare marketing firms are launching a wide range […]

Making Life Easy With Veterans Dollar Store

Make a purchase to get rewarded. Save more at the Veterans Dollar Store. Since its inception in 1996, has become one of the most comprehensive and largest online retailers of general merchandise. works as an online retail store for the benefit of Veterans and first responders. With each purchase of these products, veterans […]

NSUR Rewards Buyers On Bitmart

NSUR is rewarding buyers on Bitmart by rebating their transaction fees! NSUR, a high-utility, rewarding platform is once again giving rewards to Bitmart buyers by rebating the transaction fees used to buy NSUR,  starting from July 1 up to July 31. How to get this offer There are only three easy steps you have to […]

NSUR to Give Discounts to Veterans

NSUR’s Veteran Campaign 2022 offers prescription drug discounts to veterans and donates to military charities. NSUR is a high-utility and rewarding platform . It’s the first and only deflationary cryptocurrency backed by a purchase price protection program, and it’s focused on health and wellbeing. Real-world goods and services can be purchased using NSUR Coin, while […]