Making Life Easy With Veterans Dollar Store

Make a purchase to get rewarded. Save more at the Veterans Dollar Store. Since its inception in 1996, has become one of the most comprehensive and largest online retailers of general merchandise. works as an online retail store for the benefit of Veterans and first responders. With each purchase of these products, veterans […]

NSUR Rewards Buyers On Bitmart

NSUR is rewarding buyers on Bitmart by rebating their transaction fees! NSUR, a high-utility, rewarding platform is once again giving rewards to Bitmart buyers by rebating the transaction fees used to buy NSUR,  starting from July 1 up to July 31. How to get this offer There are only three easy steps you have to […]

NSUR to Give Discounts to Veterans

NSUR’s Veteran Campaign 2022 offers prescription drug discounts to veterans and donates to military charities. NSUR is a high-utility and rewarding platform . It’s the first and only deflationary cryptocurrency backed by a purchase price protection program, and it’s focused on health and wellbeing. Real-world goods and services can be purchased using NSUR Coin, while […]

NSUR Rewarding All of Its Members!

NSUR, a high-utility, rewarding platform, is giving out $2,000 worth of NSUR Coin to veterans and service members. NSUR, a health and wellness eCommerce and affiliate platform powered by NSUR Coin, uses rewards to increase user engagement. It is the world’s first and only high-utility token backed by a “Value Protection Program” and was established […]

Independence Day Bonus When You Buy NSUR

Experience NSUR Inc. firsthand with our Independence bonus. Buy NSUR now! NSUR Inc., is a health and wellness-focused platform powered by NSUR Coin. It is also a high-utility and reward-driven platform.  NSUR Inc. to to celebrate Independence by rewarding customers  As a celebration for independence week, we at NSUR will reward buyers in NSUR for […]

NSUR Inc. launches NSURx Letting Users Earn Crypto And Save Billions on Prescriptions

Health and Wellness Crypto Platform NSUR Inc. partners with SingleCare to provide significant savings on prescription drugs while card holders earn reward tokens [LOS ANGELES – February 15, 2022] – NSUR Inc., a high-utility and reward-driven health and wellness-focused platform powered by NSUR Coin, announced today the launch of NSURx, a prescription benefit card exclusively […]

NSUR Launches No-Cost ‘COVID’ Testing Program for Self-Testing at Home

NSUR is working with HomeLabs DX to make it easy and convenient to get your COVID-19 PCR tests done. Are you showing COVID-19 symptoms? NSUR is pleased to announce that you can now order up to 6 no-cost COVID-19 PCR tests that you can self-administer in the comfort of your own home. It’s as simple […]

Crypto Platform, NSUR Inc, to distribute 100,000 No-Cost COVID-19 PCR Test Kits

No-Cost COVID-19 PCR Test Kits to Be Distributed Globally

NSUR platform users pay only for shipping and handling for up to 6 kits per account. NSUR Inc., a high-utility and reward-driven health and wellness-focused platform powered by NSUR Coin, announced today that it will be distributing at least 100,000 COVID-19 PCR self-administering, telemedicine reviewed, laboratory test kits over the next two months at no-cost […]

Why You Should Join NSUR’s Merchant Network

5 Reasons Why You Should Join NSUR's Merchant Network

Some of the biggest companies in the US are building their entire operations on our platform. At NSUR, we have developed a network of e-commerce merchants and their affiliates. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get merchants or affiliates elsewhere though — it just means that our members will always have access […]

5 Reasons You Should Use NSURx

5 Reasons You Should Use NSURx (Cloud Based URL Shortener)

The NSURx card is the best way to save on your prescriptions, AND earn tokens in a rewards program. It is rare that such a powerful combination of cost-cutting tools comes together in one single platform. Our goal is to give people the opportunity to save money on their health care expenses, earn NSUR tokens […]