Top 6 Ultra-modern Healthcare Gadgets you should know

Digital advancements have increased awareness in the healthcare industry. The boom in technological innovation has largely driven the growth of the worldwide ultra-modern healthcare gadgets market. Although digitalization is not a new concept, there has been tremendous advancement in healthcare technology over the last few decades. Digital healthcare marketing firms are launching a wide range […]

The Future of Automation in Healthcare

Automation has become potentially the most promising technological element in healthcare in recent decades. Using data analysis and E-health technologies, researchers have made advances in artificial intelligence, therapeutics, and diagnostics. We have already made great progress in developing new drugs, medical devices, diagnostic procedures, clinical assessments, and therapies. Now is the time to modernize healthcare […]

How Blockchain Could Revolutionize the Insurance Industry: An In-Depth Analysis

The insurance industry is currently going through an intense period of digital transformation. New technologies transform how people buy insurance, how risks are underwritten, and how claims are settled. As a result, insurance providers must find innovative ways to adapt to their customers’ new demands and remain relevant in this increasingly digital world. The insurance […]

Why is NSUR’s Total Supply 200B?

NSUR Coin’s supply is set at 200B tokens. That’s a lot of cryptocurrency! Or is it? Here, we answer commonly asked questions about why we set supply at 200B and what this means for token holders How did you decide on 200B tokens in supply? There are three key reasons why the utility token NSUR […]

NSURx Prescription Savings Card: Download and Save 80% on Rxs today

How to get an NSURx card

Save up to 80% off your prescriptions when you use the NSURx Prescription Savings Card at 35,000 pharmacies nationwide Download card to camera What benefits does the NSURx Prescription Savings Card provide? The NSURx Prescription Savings Card provides many benefits to consumers, including: Instant savings! The NSURx Prescription Savings Card that offers instant RX discounts […]

NSUR Inc. launches NSURx Letting Users Earn Crypto And Save Billions on Prescriptions

Health and Wellness Crypto Platform NSUR Inc. partners with SingleCare to provide significant savings on prescription drugs while card holders earn reward tokens [LOS ANGELES – February 15, 2022] – NSUR Inc., a high-utility and reward-driven health and wellness-focused platform powered by NSUR Coin, announced today the launch of NSURx, a prescription benefit card exclusively […]

NSUR Launches No-Cost ‘COVID’ Testing Program for Self-Testing at Home

NSUR is working with HomeLabs DX to make it easy and convenient to get your COVID-19 PCR tests done. Are you showing COVID-19 symptoms? NSUR is pleased to announce that you can now order up to 6 no-cost COVID-19 PCR tests that you can self-administer in the comfort of your own home. It’s as simple […]

Crypto Platform, NSUR Inc, to distribute 100,000 No-Cost COVID-19 PCR Test Kits

No-Cost COVID-19 PCR Test Kits to Be Distributed Globally

NSUR platform users pay only for shipping and handling for up to 6 kits per account. NSUR Inc., a high-utility and reward-driven health and wellness-focused platform powered by NSUR Coin, announced today that it will be distributing at least 100,000 COVID-19 PCR self-administering, telemedicine reviewed, laboratory test kits over the next two months at no-cost […]

Why You Should Join NSUR’s Merchant Network

5 Reasons Why You Should Join NSUR's Merchant Network

Some of the biggest companies in the US are building their entire operations on our platform. At NSUR, we have developed a network of e-commerce merchants and their affiliates. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get merchants or affiliates elsewhere though — it just means that our members will always have access […]

5 Reasons You Should Use NSURx

5 Reasons You Should Use NSURx (Cloud Based URL Shortener)

The NSURx card is the best way to save on your prescriptions, AND earn tokens in a rewards program. It is rare that such a powerful combination of cost-cutting tools comes together in one single platform. Our goal is to give people the opportunity to save money on their health care expenses, earn NSUR tokens […]