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4 Exercises To Improve Bone and Joint Health

According to the National Library of Medicine, the cases of bone-related injuries and fractures have increased among the U.S. population, especially the older generation, due to weak bones and joints. Osteoporosis is becoming a very common sign of aging among women, and despite it not being covered as a major concern, it can cause fractures and arthritis in the long run.

Regular exercises among aging women can help improve bone density and prevent osteoporosis, according to research conducted by NCBI. 

In this blog, we will cover some movements which can help improve and strengthen your bone and joint health. If you’re suffering from any bone and joint condition, then ensure to consult your medical physician before engaging in these movements. 

Tai Chi 

Taking regular Tai Chi classes can improve the mineral density found in bones, among postmenopausal women. In research conducted by Physician and Sportsmedicine, it was discovered that women who did 45 minutes of Tai Chi 5 times a week, had seen a decrease in the rate of bone loss. 


Yoga can be beneficial for women, as certain poses not only improve the posture but also strengthen the muscles, bones and joints. The poses that can greatly benefit you are Warrior Pose I and II, which focus on the hips and leg bones; Downward dog for wrists, arms and shoulders; Cobra and locust pose for back muscles and spine. 

A study conducted by Yoga Journal found an impressive level of increase in mineral density among women who practice yoga daily. 

Brisk Walking

According to a study of nurses it was discovered that walking 4 hours a week reduces the chances of hip fractures by 41%. 

Brisk Walking is something you can add to your schedule no matter how busy you are. It is a free-of-cost activity which can be done at your own pace, anywhere and at any time. 


A perfect sport to work up the upper body and spine movement. Golf is a great sport to stay active, even though it might look a little slow. 

Walking and completing the course along with swinging the balls towards the holes is no less than strength training. It is the perfect sport for weekends, and aging individuals to keep active and fit.

Tips and Cautions

  • If you’re experiencing bone thinning already, then avoid exercises that hold the potential of risky falls, like ice-skating, skateboarding and judo. 
  • Be aware that the fracture risk is higher when the bone has already started thinning. 
  • If you are experiencing bone thinning in the spine then avoid yoga poses that involve active engagement of the spine. 
  • In case of spine thinning, perform and practice Yoga under professional and medical supervision. 
  • If you’re using medication that messes your balance or perception of balance then avoid yoga poses, and practice only as per expert recommendations. 
  • Before starting or engaging in any of the above activities check with your medical professionals, if you have been facing any bone related issues or undergone surgery. 
  • You might see the progress and results much later than 3 months, so be patient and consistent. 

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