NSUR to Give Discounts to Veterans

NSUR’s Veteran Campaign 2022 offers prescription drug discounts to veterans and donates to military charities. NSUR is a high-utility and rewarding platform . It’s the first and only deflationary cryptocurrency backed by a purchase price protection program, and it’s focused on health and wellbeing. Real-world goods and services can be purchased using NSUR Coin, while […]

NSUR Rewarding All of Its Members!

NSUR, a high-utility, rewarding platform, is giving out $2,000 worth of NSUR Coin to veterans and service members. NSUR, a health and wellness eCommerce and affiliate platform powered by NSUR Coin, uses rewards to increase user engagement. It is the world’s first and only high-utility token backed by a “Value Protection Program” and was established […]

NSUR protects your crypto in uncertain times

Despite the recent rollercoaster ride whiplashing the crypto world today, holders of NSUR Coin can have peace of mind amidst the madness. Holders can claim back lost token purchase price value thanks to NSUR’s Value Protection Program. It has likely not escaped your attention that there has been a crash down in the crypto world […]

NSUR: The Future of Crypto is Protected

NSUR is the only crypto in the market backed by a protocol that protects against risk of loss. COO, Rosemary Peters, explains NSUR’s protected qualities to the BundleAfrica community and discusses the future of health and wellness in the crypto sector Part 1 of Rosemary’s interview with BundleAfrica’s community https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZQANBQQNF8&feature=youtu.be Can you tell us a […]