How to buy, sell, and swap NSUR Coin on PancakeSwap

As part of its goal to make the token more accessible to the general public, PancakeSwap now lets you buy, sell, and swap NSUR Coin. PancakeSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency network that allows you to buy and sell coins or tokens with ease.  The concept behind transactions on PancakeSwap is simple: you send money to […]

MetaMask Guide: Create Wallet, Add NSUR and Claim Tokens

Create a MetaMask Wallet & Add NSUR To It!

Need a wallet to collect your NSUR Coin, but not sure where to begin? Follow this guide to help you through the process on MetaMask Want to move your NSUR Coin into a MetaMask wallet so you can use them to buy through merchants or to swap on exchanges? NSUR has created this guide to […]

NSUR’s crypto Reward Program rewards you for loyalty and engagement

Reward Yourself With NSUR’s Crypto Reward Program

NSUR is a high-utility, crypto marketplace that rewards community members for being part of the NSUR Community Coded into NSUR’s DNA is a desire to reward you for being part of our community. As such, we built NSUR to be a rewarding platform through our NSUR Loyalty Reward Program. “On NSUR, the simplest actions will […]

How to Buy Protected NSUR Coin Using ACH

ACH payment instructions

Did you know that NSUR is now accepting ACH payments for Protected NSUR Coin purchases? An Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payment is a type of electronic bank-to-bank payment that exists in the United States. Payments completed using ACH are routed through clearing houses between the sender and receiver banks. NSUR is now able to accept […]

NSUR has been featured in 350 news articles and counting

NSUR is appearing on the news

Since NSUR’s launch on November 1st, the platform has been featured in over 350 news articles across the world NSUR officially launched sales of NSUR Coin protected by its proprietary NSUR Value Protection Program on November 1st. Within the first week of launch, NSUR has since been featured in 350+ news articles from media outlets […]

How to Update Your Referral Sponsor on NSUR

How To Update Your Referral Sponsor on NSUR (A First Timer's Experience)

Did someone refer you to NSUR, but you forgot to use their referral link? Worry not, you can still give that person credit If someone referred you to NSUR and you want to make sure that they receive their 500 NSUR Coin reward tokens for inviting you to join our community but you forgot to […]

How to Buy Protected NSUR Coin Tokens with E-Checks

How Do I Update My Sponsor?

Need help buying your Protected NSUR Coin tokens using E-Checks? NSUR is here to help! Want to become a holder of the world’s first protect crypto, but struggling to complete the purchase with E-Checks? NSUR has created a help video to walk you through the process. Just have your account number and routing number handy, […]

NSUR’s Health & Wellness Utility-Token Announces Launch of Affiliate Program

What Is The Value Protection Program?

Oct 22, 2021 ─ NSUR today announced the launch of its Affiliate Marketing Program following the successful October 15th debut of NSUR token sales on the platform. Registering an account through an affiliate provides new account holders with 2,500 free tokens and the opportunity to be among the first to purchase protected tokens (sales […]

5 Tips for Helping You Pass KYC on ShuftiPro

5 Tips For Successful KYC on ShuftiPro

Are you struggling to complete KYC with ShuftiPro? Read on to find out how you can overcome the challenges you may be facing? For any purchase greater than $3,000 and all transactions made with your bank information, a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) check performed by ShuftiPro will automatically start once you click “Proceed With Purchase” on NSUR’s […]