NSUR: A Token That Protects Buyers From Value Loss
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Getting Back into Crypto with NSUR

Re-entering The Crypto Market With NSUR

Mark Peters is the CEO of NSUR, the world’s first high-utility cryptocurrency powered health and wellness platform. 

In this post, Mark introduces NSUR, shares the inspiration behind the platform powered by NSUR Coin, and explains why NSUR Coin appeals to new and experienced token HODLers.

I want to start my first blog post with a story about how a family member was robbed. 

The year was 2014, Bitcoin was on the rise, and the future of cryptocurrency was looking extremely bright. There were only a few major exchanges at the time, but anyone involved in crypto will probably recognize the name MT.GOX. MT.GOX was the most successful crypto exchange in the world, processing over 70% of Bitcoin’s volume at the time. 

Anyone involved in crypto also knows about the unfortunate end that exchange endured and the toll it took on the HODLers at the time. Well, a friend of mine was one of those HODLers. After years of amassing nearly 500 Bitcoins in the exchange, MT.GOX went out of business and somehow “lost” the tokens. This event has stuck with me for many years, and as a result it took many years for me to dip my toes into the waters of the DeFi space. 

Getting Back Into Crypto

I have since re-entered into this space, and I have been impressed by the shifts that have happened in the last seven years. 

The fundamentals of the space have changed in many ways:

  • Solutions to the energy usage problem with the shift from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake
  • Expansion of adoption of Platform Coins like ETH, BNB, SOL, ADA, and many others
  • Smart Contract creation and adoption in many industries
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) and an entire renaissance in the art, sports, and collectible communities
  • Access to more traditional funding markets with trading platforms and more streamlined FIAT offboarding
  • The explosion of new exchanges around the world and the evolution of DeFi exchanges
  • … and many more

All these innovations have been critical to the crypto world becoming ever more sophisticated, and they deserve recognition. However, one area where crypto has yet to see a renaissance is consumer protection and risk mitigation. 

NSUR Wants to Protect Your Token Value

Here at NSUR, we believe increased protection is long overdue. It is specifically in this area that we are providing innovative solutions by becoming the world’s first high-utility platform that is offering token value protection through our NSUR Value Protection Program

Using a combination of real-world established infrastructure and blockchain technologies, NSUR Coin is the first and only high-utility token to have its initial purchase value protected – allowing HODLers peace of mind for two years from their date of purchase. 

Our goal is to usher in a brighter future for crypto adoption across the globe and to try to prevent anything like the situation my family member experienced happening to others. 

We hope you will join us on our journey.

Mark Peters

Mark Peters

Mark specializes in finance and has an MBA in investment finance from SCU Leavey School of Business. He has spent his career working for insurance and fintech companies. Mark designed and developed NSUR’s Value Protection Program, and he is working closely with our CTO on coin creation.
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